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To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know of my recent experience with a pair of Nunn Finer Superior Brushing Boots. I hunt three or four days a week in Virginia where I whip in to Orange County Hunt. My horses work very hard and have to go through everything from deep footing to hard footing, as well as many of the unforeseen obstacles and jumps out hunting, often for hours at a time. I always put boots on and have used the Nunn Finer products for many years. I often wondered if it were counter productive as we so frequently would go through mud and brush etc... whether the accumulation of such under their boots for hours on end would aggravate more than protect them. I got my answer a week ago when one of my horses came home with the inside of his boot torn open. I had not felt him hit anything or take a mis step.

However, the following day he was lame at a walk and on veterinary inspection it was found that he had a trauma induced cellulitis, originating on the medial side of his front fetlock ( also where the boot was torn ). It has since ruptured and though he is still very lame, he will be fine in the long term. I was initially concerned that he may have fractured a sesamoid or injured a suspensory branch, both of which my vet assured me were real possibilities had he not been wearing boots at all! So, I wanted to thank you! A very special young horse was saved from a far more significant injury due to the use of your product and I will be replacing the torn pair immediately as well as thoroughly recommending your products to others.

Yours Sincerely,


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