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Nunn Finer Bit Accessories are created with high quality materials or ingredients. Bit accessories customize the horse’s bitting setup; bit converters allow a gag or Pelham bit to be used with a single rein, while bit loops, also known as bit keepers, which keep a full cheek bit in a fixed position. A lip strap can help keep the curb chain of a Pelham or curb bit in place preventing the horse from mouthing the shank.
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Leather Bit Converters Leather Bit Converter
Retail Price: $40.00
MOSS Bit Cleaner MOSS Bit Cleaner
Retail Price: $20.00
Lip Strap Leather Lip Strap
Retail Price: $13.00
Equus Polymer Bit Guards Equus Bit Guards
Retail Price: $8.95
Leather Bit Loops Leather Bit Loops
Retail Price: $8.00