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Helmet Rubberband Plastic Sweat Scrapers Hoof Pick with Brush
Helmet Rubberband
Retail Price: $1.00
Plastic Sweat Scrapers
Retail Price: $2.00
Nunn Finer® started carrying these large helmet cover elastic bands on our mobile and it shocked us how they would sell out at every show - people would buy six at a time. Stock up now on this large rubberband, strong enough to keep your helmet cover firmly in place.

Color: Black, Tan, Red
One Size
  • Durable, heavy duty plastic sweat scraper
  • Colors:
    • Hunter Green
    • Black
    • Red
    • Royal Blue
  • Size: 18" long
  • Pick the horse’s hoof and then brush it clean with this product.

    •Lightweight plastic.
    •Ergonomic handle.
    •Colors: Black, Purple, Red, Royal, and Hunter
    •Size: 5" Long

    Leather Bit Loops Nunn Finer Flash Converter Tab Easiest Keepers Yet
    Leather Bit Loops
    Retail Price: $5.00
    Easiest Keepers Yet
    Retail Price: $6.00
    Premium leather bit loops for use on Full Cheek bits.

    Colors: Black, Havana
    Sold as a Pair
    The Nunn Finer® Flash Converter Tab - you'd think as often as we loose these things they would be easy to find at the store - wrong!! Good quality replacements that will last a long time. If you don't lose them first. Made in America.

    Colors: Black, Havana
    One Size:
    Fits most nosebands
    Always losing a keeper? Constantly stretching one out or breaking one? Well, Nunn Finer® has done it again with 5/8" keepers that will fit bridles, flashes, breastplates and the like.

    NOW available in 11 colors to make any bridle or breastplate fashionable!

    Colors: Hot Pink, Orange, Royal Blue, Black, Brown, Kelly, Red, White, Yellow, Purple
    Size: 5/8"
    Bag of 10
    URAD Lip Strap Nunn Finer® Nylon Neck Strap
    1.75 oz URAD with Applicator
    Retail Price: $12.00
    Leather Lip Strap
    Retail Price: $12.00
    Nunn Finer® Nylon Neck Strap
    Retail Price: $15.00
    Simply amazing is all I can say just wipe a very small amount onto your shoes or boots and the color not only comes back, but an instant shine appears. The smaller size jar with attached applicator is perfect for traveling. It’s just that simple! Made in Italy.

    Size: 1.75 oz. Jar
    Colors: Black, Brown, Neutral
    Premium Leather Lip Strap.

    Color: Havana
    Who hasn't been in the position when they wish they had a little something to reach up and grab over that big fence, or when your horse ducks or spooks from the boogey man? I know I have and now from Nunn Finer is an easy to use, easy to clean neck strap. Comes in an assortment of colors to match the rest of your attire or in leather for us conservative types.

    Colors: Black, Brown, Hunter, Kelly, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow
    Nunn Finer® Leather Neck Strap Fleece Lined Bell Boots Dee Savers
    Fleece Lined Bell Boots
    Retail Price: $19.00
    Nunn Finer® Dee Savers
    Retail Price: $20.00
    Who hasn't been in the position when they wish they had a little something to reach up and grab over that big fence, or when your horse ducks or spooks from the boogey man? I know I have - now from Nunn Finer® is an easy to use, easy to clean neck strap. Comes in an assortment of colors in nylon to match the rest of your attire or, here, in leather for us conservative types.

    Colors: Black, Havana
    The pure rubber ribbed bell boots are perfect for horses that chafe easily. These bell boots are made with a fleece lined top and double hook and loop Velcro closure.
    Nunn Finer® premium quality Dee Savers are the best on the equestrian market today. If you have ever pulled a dee out of your saddle, you know the expense of tearing the saddle down to replace it. These easy to use dee savers slide over the stirrup bars, help to preserve the life of the saddle and cut down on costly repairs.

    These dee savers are a must for anyone that uses a breastplate, they are unobtrusive, lie flat against the saddle and best of all they are Nunn Finer quality.

    Size: One Size 5" long
    Colors: Black, Havana
    URAD Vac's Deluxe Polo Bandage Nunn Finer Saddle Strap
    Retail Price: $21.00
    Vac's Deluxe Polo Bandage
    Retail Price: $26.00
    Nunn Finer Saddle Strap
    Retail Price: $28.00
    Simply amazing is all I can say -- just wipe a very small amount onto your shoes or boots and the color not only comes back, but an instant shine appears. It’s just that simple! Made in Italy.

    Size: 7 oz. Tub
    Colors: Black, Brown, Neutral
    Made by Vac's for over 30 years. This extra thick heavy weight shock resistant, acrylic stretch pile made especially by Vac's provides better distribution of support and requires no extra padding beneath. This top quality wrap is used by horsemen all over the world during exercise or shipping to provide support and protection. New 6 inch long durable hook and loop fasteners sewn on to a folded point with strong poly thread and Vac's exclusive stitching for strong hold and durability. Set of 4 bandages per package.

    5" x 8 1/2'

    Quality, rolled leather saddle strap fits securely to any saddle.
    • Great for young or novice riders
    • Provides a hand hold for added security
    • Attaches to front dee rings on saddle
    • One size
    • Color: Black or Havana
    The Safety Spin Tee Tap 5-Way Grab Strap 360 Bell Boot
    Safety Spin Tee Tap
    Retail Price: $33.75
    5-Way Grab Strap
    Retail Price: $36.00
    360 Bell Boot
    Retail Price: $36.00
    Have you ever had your horse try to step down with your tee tap in the stud hole? Hopefully, you've never had to experience the consequences. This special short tap reduces the chance of this happening while providing superb grip because the molded rubber handle provides a continuous gripping surface. Once in, the removal of the tap is just a quick spin of the rubber handle and out it comes. Safe, simple, speedy.

    Colors: Black, Red, Navy, Yellow, Hunter
    When top event rider Doug Payne called and suggested making a 5-Way Neck Grab Strap that fits conveniently on the 5-Way Breastplate, we thought, "Why didn't we think of that?!"

    Easy to put on, extremely adjustable, and a must-have product when jumping.

    Colors: Black, Havana

    The 360 degree bell boot have the ability to overlap and wrap around the hoof. These durable neoprene bell boots are sure to last! Whether for turnout or competition these boots will give your horses the whole hoof protection it needs. The no rub design along with the heavy duty hook and loop closure will make these a favorite for year to come.


    Leather Bit Converters Jumper Girth Ring Nunn Finer Bradoon Hanger
    Leather Bit Converter
    Retail Price: $36.00
    Jumper Girth Ring
    Retail Price: $36.00
    Nunn Finer® Bradoon Hanger
    Retail Price: $54.00
    Premium leather bit converter. Sold in pairs.
    This streamlined girth ring slips on to any girth that does not have a center D-Ring or buckle. Great for use with training aids. Made from fine Italian Leather and a stainless steel ring.

    Colors: Black, Havana
    At last, the much asked for Nunn Finer® Bradoon Hanger!
    • Easily converts any snaffle bridle into a double bridle
    • Made of superior American leather, and a perfect addition to any of our dressage bridles!
    • Crafted in a 1/2" width with zinc fittings
    Color: Black
    Sizes: Cob, Horse Oversize
    Nunn Finer Padded Drop Noseband Flair Nasal Strips Nunn Finer Braided Shank
    Flair Nasal Strips 6 Pack
    Retail Price: $72.00
    Nunn Finer Braided Shank
    Retail Price: $78.00
    Nunn Finer® Padded Drop Noseband is nicely padded to match our Event Bridle, Figure 8 Bridle and other bridle parts.
    • Made of superior leather with zinc roller buckles
    • Made in America
    Colors: Black, Havana
    One Size

    FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips are self-adhesive strips that promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes and help prevent exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH). FLAIR Strips support the nasal passages during exercise and improve the horse’s airflow when it needs oxygen most.

    Unlike humans, horses can only breathe through their noses. As horses begin to breathe hard during exercise, the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages are sucked in, reducing the airway diameter. This reduction in diameter causes greater resistance of airflow into the lungs.

    FLAIR Strips are proven to reduce airway resistance during exercise. By doing so, FLAIR Strips help prevent fatigue related injuries, protect the lungs from injury and promote optimal athletic performance.

    Colors: Black, White
    6 Pack: $72.00

    This great looking Nunn Finer braided leather shank is a masterpiece! The braided portion gives you a much better grip than a conventional leather lead shank and is easy on your hands. Made in America.

    Color: Havana, Black
    Size: 6 1/2 feet with 30" solid brass chain

    Nunn Finer Adjustable Drop Noseband PolyPads® Contoured Pad Nunn Finer All Leather Side Reins
    PolyPads® Contoured Pad
    Retail Price: $80.00
    Designed to fit the same as the Nunn Finer® Drop Noseband, but with true adjustability over the nose.
    • Made of superior leather with zinc roller buckles.
    • Made in America.
    Color: Black, Havana
    One Size
    PolyPads® has done it again! They have come up with a fitted pad that not only stays in place without straps, but is also shock absorbing and easy to wash & dry. Handcrafted in England. Single thickness.

    Colors: Black, White
    Sizes: All Purpose, Dressage
    Nunn Finer designed these all leather side reins with the advice from internationally acclaimed dressage trainer Paul Belisisk.
    •These side reins don’t allow horses to bounce or lean, as do the elastic version.
    •Paul Belasik, internationally acclaimed trainer and author of "Riding Toward the Light," "Exploring Dressage Technique," and "Songs of Horses," and founder of the Pennsylvania Riding Academy, has designed these solid leather side reins after the solid reins used at the classical schools in Europe for centuries.
    •With short front pieces and long tails, they easily adjust from ponies to large horses, from long and low to collecting for the "airs", and don't allow horses to bounce or lean as they can with elastic versions.
    •Made in America.
    •Colors: Black or Havana with Brass Hardware
    •Size: Horse or Oversize: Horse size adjusts to 44" and Oversize adjusts to 56"
    Nunn Finer Rubber Lined Reins with Hand Stops Nunn Finer Soft Grip Reins Nunn Finer Soft Grip Pony Reins
    Nunn Finer Rubber Lined Reins with Hand Stops
    Retail Price: $140.00
    Sale Price: $98.00
    Nunn Finer Soft Grip Reins
    Retail Price: $104.00
    Nunn Finer Soft Grip Pony Reins
    Retail Price: $104.00
    Comfortable, grippy and the hand stops keep your hands on the right spot on the reins. Italian Leather with rubber on the inside of the rein. Hook end. Zinc Fittings.

    Black or Havana

    58" long.

    The Soft Grip rein from Nunn Finer gives you great grip without the bulk of a rubber rein in your hand.

    •Super for showjumping and cross-country.
    •Made with superior bridle leather with top quality buckle ends.
    •You can always count on Nunn Finer quality leather products to last and last.
    •Color: Havana, Black, White, White with Medium Brown Leather, Royal Blue, Red and Purple
    •Size: 58" long x 5/8" width
    Made in America

    Our best selling rein is now available in a SHORTER version!•Overall rein length is 48", which includes 24" of soft grip material
    •Zinc buckle ends
    •Color: Havana, Black
    •Size: 48" long x 5/8" wide
    •Great for cross country or hunting - and available in black for dressage!
    Made in America
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