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Stay up to date on Nunn Finer's newest products and ideas. We are constantly turning the wheel here for ideas on new items, pieces of tack, or modifications to be made.
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Neck Strap with Attachments Nunn Finer Neck Strap with Attachments

In correlation with the 2019 FEI Ruling (pictured) we have created a neck strap that has the ability to attach to your breastplate in order to be used in FEI competition. Now sold as a combination, but also sold separately.

Made from the same favorite, supple, easy to clean leather as the Nunn Finer Event Bridles and our famous breastplates! Roller buckles, neck strap is adjustable to fit. Attach to a 5 Way, 3 Way, or Hunting Breastplate.

Retail Price: $46.50
Moss Lavender Grooming Wipes MOSS Fresh Rider Lavender Grooming Wipes

The newest item in the line of MOSS Fresh Rider products, Lavender Grooming Wipes. Gentle enough for the face and useful enough for a wipe over the body too! Soothing lavender scent is all natural so as not to irritate the horses skin. Cleans, conditions, and adds shine all in one wipe! 26 count

Receive a Free Large Scrub Rub with purchase of Lavender Grooming Wipes thru May 17, 2020. It will automatically be added to your product at shipping!

Retail Price: $20.00
Nunn Finer Running Martingale with Elastic Nunn Finer Running Martingale With Elastic

Your favorite Nunn Finer running martingale now with elastic is everything you've been waiting for. Top quality leather is supple and made to last through every day use, with double elastic that is durable and has just enough give. Available in havana or black with zinc or brass fittings.

Retail Price: $96.00
Nunn Finer Scrub Rub New! Nunn Finer Scrub Rub

Nunn Finer’s Scrub Rub—the ultimate multi-tasking tool.
Try our great new grooming product! Not a sponge , or a curry comb, or a rub rag…it’s all three in one. Use it dry and it removes sweat marks and caked on dirt. Use it wet and it gets to that deep and hard to reach dirt. It’s soft enough for faces and legs, and sturdy enough to use for baths in the wash stall. It gives a stimulating skin massage while providing gentle exfoliation; even the thinnest-skinned horses love it!

Retail Price: $7.95
Nunn Finer Neoprene Girth with Removable Liner Nunn Finer Neoprene Girth with Removable Liner

The new Nunn Finer Neoprene Girth brings you not just another girth but a girth that includes a 1 year guarantee that says that you will be just as happy in one year as you are the day you get it with the workmanship and quality that Nunn Finer is known for.
Designed with a removable padded neoprene liner attached with Velcro that you can easily remove to hose off or machine wash. Fitted with stainless steel roller buckles and triple German elastic on both ends makes this girth the girth of choice when looking for the purpose of show or everyday use.

Retail Price: $80.00
Sale Price: $45.00