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Featured Riders of The Month
Nunn Finer is proud to support all riders, of all disciplines, ages, and levels. Going forward you can find two featured riders per month here, read a bit about them, their favorite Nunn Finer products, and their goals as a rider.

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Q: How old are you and where are you located?
A: I am 15 years old and I have been riding since I could sit up. I am located in Area II in Poolesville, MD at Bascule Farm!

Q: What level are you competing?
A: I am competing one at Novice level and my other is doing the Modified!

Q: Tell us about your horses and your goals with them!
A: Risqué is currently going Novice with high hopes of competing Training by the end of the season. She is a 6 year old 16hh chestnut mare. She is also a homebred half Hanoverian half TB. Braes Mountain (aka Willy) is currently going Modified with hopes to do a 1* by the end of this season. He is a 13 year old bay gelding OTTB. My long term goals are to make my way up the levels and earn a name for myself in the eventing world.

Q: Most admired professional rider?
A: I look up to Lillian Heard and would love to be the person and rider she is. I am determined to put the work in on and off of horses to get to the top of the eventing sport.

Q: Favorite famous horse?
A: Lillian Heard's Share Option! I love how they worked up the levels and how he is just perfect, 24/7 (even if they don't make time), he always seemed to try his best to get Lillian around safely. He takes care of everyone that sits on him and tries his best in every event.

Q: What are your favorite Nunn Finer products and why would you recommend them?
A: I LOVE THE NUNN FINER SOFT GRIP REINS. They are so soft in my hand, easy to slip if need be but have a great grip even when sweaty on cross country. I also like the brushing boots, which are great at keeping the horses legs safe for everyday work. One more thing which really isn’t a select product but I love all the leather products because it is all such great quality and holds up through a lot. Everything leather from Nunn Finer I have is still in great condition even after 3 years of hard work.


Follow Ashley On Instagram: @vickibakereventing

Q: How long have you been riding and where are you located?
A: I've been riding for over 25 years. I started as an exercise jockey in flat racing and now my love is in eventing and jumpers. I own a farm with Vicki Baker in Wellington, Colorado and we have 15 horses ranging from our beloved school and lease horses up through CCI***!

Q: What level are you competing?
A: I'm currently riding at the CCI** level and aspiring to compete at the coveted Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event one day!

Q: Tell us about your horses and your goals with them!
A: Elite Envy (Peach) is a 9 year old palomino Irish Sport Horse mare. She is 15.2 hh and is a BIG personality in a tiny package! We are aiming for the CCI2*-L at Rebecca Farm this July.
Just Because (Jelly Bean) is a 16 year old TB gelding with a heart the size of his body. He has gone intermediate and did the CCI2*-L last July at Rebecca.

Q: Most memorable event memory for you?
A: Running the CCI2*-L at Rebecca last July on Just Because was really amazing. He isn't the most talented horse, but he always tries for me. When I acquired him, I had many clinicians tell me to sell him as he had a pretty bad stopping issue. To run around an FEI course at Rebecca Farm on a horse that wasn't typical, and have him hold his own was pretty incredible.

Q: Favorite famous horse?
A: American Pharoah. I choked up when I saw him hit the back stretch in the Belmont, you could tell he had it. Horses are absolutely incredible and when they love what they do, it's amazing to watch.

Q: What are your most loved Nunn Finer products?
A: I love the Nunn Finer Tack Up Grip Spray - because I ride a CRAZY palomino!!!! I also love their rubber reins and the 5 point breast collars.
Nunn Finer makes variations in both rubber reins and breastplates to accommodate all rider preferences making them feel secure always.

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